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Monday, November 01, 2010

dad's guest post: golden memory&shiny early winter sunray.

Its a brilliant weekends. so much glorious moments with baby in pc games. we tried different games, mostly we proceeded missions successfully. baby also first time noticed the rich of game store i collected. its also a week i totally ditched mouse in office. i also got irritated awhile with baby who once refused his animation online, a domestic product&quite orthodox&boring or even poisonous in my view. but we soon rejoined those wonderful games together. Its 2 sunny days in sequence. his mom, emakingir, sometimes, quite more occasions, got irritated by baby's lighter mood, &she also sometimes felt losing upon my attitude for the glory of God. God sees her way out in the perished situation her family sins brought&lingering in her soul. before we departed the beautiful Sunday dusk, we dined out near the bus stop we routed when baby came over to join his music lessons in area of QRRS, my once employer. baby turned agile&got anger from his mom. i guess dogs barking upon baby, so i finished my dinner hurry&attended baby outside of the restaurant earlier before his mom dined. i told baby in the breeze of early winter again that nothing on the earth can harm him, any insult in fact God's gift for him, and times rewards perceivable later for polishing or redeeming his glory which none on the planet can dent upon. his mom again upset by me&fetched baby abrupt leaving without proper courtesy. in night i join the local church. a man in a suit likes cop's aside me, some more old men closely behind me, they let me dozed for about seconds, then i resumed&enjoyed the sermon which is stronger than ever. after expressed thanks after the meeting, i buzzed baby for the fear&sorrow i sensed upon baby's asking me staying later in his mom's house. God, saves baby from boring&his mom's meaningless scorns rampant recently when she felt losing. God, bring my new family sooner where i can care&enjoy together life with baby son who is so smart&growing like thunder. God, bring my girls in our prime time in our new marriage, God, i honestly entrust u!


a wonderful day.^yesterday is a neat&fit day, near 5:20pm, i packed my portable&left office free of anxious. but in the beginning of afternoon is not so lucky. when it turned pale in sky i left office to visit baby in his kindergarten, as i had the idea last night in dorm, for the day is Oct 28. the guard of the kindergarten, likely a retired cop, locked me outside after i shown him my national ID card&lots of explains of my identity, yet refused to bring my son outside to allow me exchange words with baby, but only convey a bottle of juice i bought to baby. i know God's setting to raise the Son. in night when i first time buzzed in, baby cried at home for juice for his mom refute him. its a night without moon, but stars clear. God, can't it less wonderful? bring my girls to me, God, i entreat u.


a day of Asoh Yukiko.^yesterday is really a winning day, just like what i told baby son last night, God rewards times for what the Son suffered: i got full of stuff i admired of from web. this dawn i dreamed of Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan, who lingered quite some time with me in dream, till i had to got up to make water. its so passionate in dream, &so successful, that i never expected. since this moment Asoh is part of mine, as my wife. Its a bright morning, with fresh hopes&messages. God, u see.


blocking heaps higher.^yesterdays sees surveillance against my Internet traffic tighten rein. i tried more than 30 times with breaking firewall tools, none succeeded. dog behind the blockage laughed. in night after dinner received baby son&suggested haunting KFC nearby, his mom accepted. but she dislike KFC food after read scandal report of its China franchise. i told baby anyone don't acquaint the Son nor God, is sinful&dead prejudged. a family whose son classmate in baby's music lesson also dined there. its a great moment for me, for baby likes it.


a day to save.^yesterday narrowly finished workload. posted a blog for the 1st snow of winter 2010, includes recent photos, and panoramas rebuilt by photoshop. till near 2pm done, across the border of China surveillance. my mouse left in baby's mom's house, so i intended buy a new one, &some blank dvds for backup. all the afternoon i doubting borrowing ¥100 from a guy in neighbor dorm who loaned me triple times total to ¥100, with the amount i returned him last Sunday night. but the devil refused me at once trickily, with another gay spy present in the dorm. i know God, Asoh saves me from evil lure of companion, which developed for months aiming to dent on my glory. on way roaming outside, i pray God for his bliss in time, glory of the Son forever untouchable, from the trap of humiliation. this morning i didn't buzzed hometown as God lets. QRRS, my once employer, dispatching bottle water in parcel among staff, but no one in office informed me. God, i only receive life support from my family, form Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan, let it plenty&unbreakable. Its all time bright today. God, bring my girls to me in our new life ahead.

Posted via email from warrenzh, worrior of God's biz on the earth

Monday, October 11, 2010

benzrad's guest post: days in clouds.

today there is sunshine but weak. i still frequently live penniless. with baby son, warrenzh, God of Universe, peace in my heart echoing God's praise forever unshakable. the cloudy weather since the end of National Day vacation warns me of many threats against my emerging Empire of China, but that's only a far cry from the crashing loser on the scary land now dominating&smothering the Chinese people. Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan, still caring my life, &even clearer she is reinforced by God who love the two subtly different nations thousand years lives apart while beats harmoniously pulse of life&faith. in a larger continent uncrowded&uncrossed, legend of proud&glory will continue to utter.
Ok, its a prompt post for baby's recent photos in our unseductive National Day vacation. a Liu earns a Nobel peace prize. God sees the triumph of democracy unbreakable shines over Zhu's, my honorable family since 2 dynasties in Chinese history.


a day half cloudy.^in dawn dreamed of great view of Lordship, like carrying turtle which can drain the earth. arrived baby's mom's house early&bought them breakfast including bean curd juice. backup stuff before baby left to have Chinese Pinyin lesson. tried new games, till attracted by one. baby played a lot with his mom's pupils there having their tutorials. lunch is rich, IE. toast beef with onion. lately i went to shower in pubic bathroom nearby. lingered awhile after returned, while baby watching animation online, his mom read novel online. anything can remind me my new marriage, that's full at the moment. anything can cater to baby's joy, that's awaiting in coming new year. after dined in canteen, i joined local church, where i first time dozed for minutes. the sermon was warm&earnest, God, u see the distance between Heaven&my land now. tomorrow will be sunny, i assert.


a day of my birthday, recharged.^reading all day while in heavy dirt from sins, ie. gays, in office. God let me gain from web like produce from field. its still foggy in morning, since last night, but turned weakly sunny in afternoon. i tried facebook new group feature as reported in my rss feeds, but unfortunately they were still unavailable for old groups. chatted awhile with hometown relatives in QQ, but not much fun. these days i frequently reckon support from Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen of Japan, if the sum could solve my deficit now gathered to near ¥2000, and my wish list for new year, a Dell game notebook will cost ¥7000, &some other spending like hometown duty, ie. life support of my old mother, write back broadband bill for my work online in my last hometown vacation from April to June, 2010 , ¥1000, &finally clear debt to my Taiwanese friend who help register domains, ¥2000. i badly want to treat my baby son&his mom 3rd time with toasted mutton, in a nearby restaurant next to the local church. God, these days i live in penniless but survived so well, i enjoyed every bite so sweet! God, i thank u for the weightless life, pl let me do as i will in coming year end celebrations. bring my girl zhou, or anyone of my girls into my arms, Asoh, u know, bring my new life from dream into routine&concrete.


a foggy morning.^today is the first work day after National Day vacation. the fog started since last morning. in dusk i spent more time roaming outside to avoid dirt in dorm. this vacation started with a breakfast i bought for baby&his mom when they still on bed while i went over by bus near their house, and end with a lengthy nap baby&me both took on bed after gaming, while his mom busy with sorting house. my financial situation still worsening, but God let me enjoy life so sweet&meaningful. God, bring me my new family.

benzrad's comment on the day

irresistible of Christian one world.

world tolerance to Islam must toward a moment when shows the formidable of Christian. delay of proper response can call forth menace&threats that's real. God, bring clear the failure of Islam undebatable.


See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/bz9e 
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dreamed of our old house in my hometown, central China, rebuilt. my passed dad, God, taming a tiger. my second elder brother tamed another.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

hope for a sustainable life. -guest post by benzrad, my dad.

(posted by guest benzrad, my dad.)

This is a gloomy morning. last night listened a strong sermon, but after returned to dorm, i know the connection between dad, God with me, is my treasure&never will be public like the bible. reviewing baby's smartness, really felt painful for so many occasions i mistaken his wonderful beaming response as stupid or meaningful. God, u know how dear my baby son, warrenzh, owner of site warozhu.com, hope of China and God of Universe, is. every moment in office i longing moment with him. every moment with him brings so many touching warm memories. Its a gloomy morning, but i know my second wife caring us. God, last night i met a girl closely, &her height reminds me of my girl zhou, who once appeared in QRRS. God, i never gave up her who is so pure&saint in ur care. God, u know how i love beauty, bring my girls in their prime time, in my prime time, my Empire asking for the blood-bond and shiny heirs.
also, as today in my second wife's share, i need a dell game notebook, about ¥6000, a udisk, ¥300, a mobile ¥800, domains renewal ¥2000, hometown duty ¥1000. God, let me act in freedom.


a day missing in sadness.^the most bright part today is around the noon. endured waiting for d/l. office once colleagues tentatively shown bonus dispatching among them. in the morning they summoned for meeting, i kept busy on desk as usual, for i decided its high time to switch my living support from the company, QRRS, a dying machine suffering fuel leaking by stealing mouse flocks among its staff, to Masheng (Asoh Yukiko), my Japanese Crowned Queen, my God of plenty&serene. cloudy usually let me indecisive, but hopeful tomorrow will bring me unshakable faith&confidence. the night it rains, cleaning&killing for me, sole for me, &so beautiful&formidable. watched rain in dorm's door. bought food&met beautiful girls in QRRS dorms but don't know where&who they r. roamed in dorm in music till after 10pm went to bed. woke up before 5am. ate breakfast, abiding God's bliss&quite enjoy it. its cool&bright morning. Masheng (Asoh Yukiko), stay every moment with me!, bring our babies sooner in our marriage!

benzrad's commment on the day

respectable Chinese lives long.

China nowadays greatly obliged to persons like Dr. Fang, any society needs trust based on authentication. Dr. Fang is a real man, any Chinese should pay him salute.
See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/b6h9

benzrad's commment on the day

human right of net access.

hope sooner world nowadays adopts the human right of net access. human right likely under the guidance of humanity, ie. the beneficial of human being.
as to a Chinese on China mainland, i hope net can be more meaningful&positive impact upon the society's innovation.
the UN Human Rights Council to adopt five new Internet freedoms: freedom of expression, of worship, from want, from fear, to connect. 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Freedom from slavery. Freedom from torture. Equal protection under the law.  


dreamed of hunting killer.^dreamed of Japanese again in dawn. then dreamed passing Huangzhou, where i finished my senior middle school, in my hometown journey. 2 alumni, a Wang&a Zhang, met me. the Zhang on way to ship started to hunt for my life. its cloudy in this morning. sins in office damaged my network wire&tentatively shown it loosely on my desk. dog by it indicating of option to deprive me off Internet. fix it by replacing with a wire i stored. God, kill the thief in office.


dreamed of Japanese family.^past 2 days with baby son in gaming full of joys, esp we succeeded all mission in game "Army Ranger: Mogadishu for PC". baby shared the moment reading the ending product message after fury war field. today baby&his mom ema, who said will join family gathering&rarely at home, so she suggested i busy with my own business, don't go over to accompany baby. dreamed of Japanese in dream. its sunny now. i hope i find fun today in office. God, let me connected with pulse&atop game industry. God, rid baby of boring. let him meaningful in silent moments in his life, like i do.


a sunny day with new cyberspace footprint.^yesterday is busy. in night in dorm arranged claiming space for my hometown domestically, esp with 163&hexun, overnight. overseas profiles with yahoo&google already done years ago. this morning got up even earlier, likely before 6am when i settled in office. office sins both stayed at noon, while i enjoy the new space in memory of my ancestor, Zhudajiu, 朱大九. God, see my works there&lasting centuries, for ur glory under my ancestor since the Emperor of Ming Dynasty.
tomorrow is lunar Mid-Autumn Day. i longing now for gaming together with baby son, warrenzh. sunshine already shines the valley&bees wooing for delicacy. God, prepare me for the holy moment, for the gathering. my girls, come&let's game, or make fun.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

Bright full moon after lunar Mid-Autumn day in sky above QRRS front space.

baby glad&turns playful with his new clothes.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my schooling near start.

Guest post by benzrad, my dad.

Its a bright morning. i pushed recent tweets to web. God, in an era of competing for darkness&ugliness i don't save nor bless. in ur ordain, i kill or subdue all those rebellions against Holy. God, instill power&energy in me, lead me through the dirty with my Empire of China intact.


dog licking its paws.^today again a bliss. gaining pleasure from the web. facing evil stayed all noon break in office, upset me for i usually at that time sang alone in office. the sin all day challenged me on its seat. after dinner went to receive baby son who join his music lesson since left his kindergarten. a local mafia member passed me&let me in a cold shock. also many dubious men among the waiting parents outside of the music school. these 2 days the office sins frequently talked about local mafia in aim to daunt me. a wedding ceremony likely through the broker, a fake gangster in neighbor office of news department of the enterprise cable TV, enrolled 3 out of 4 professional TV cameras secretly, overtly against official mandate that professional TV cameras not allowed to service personal or folk events, while the company officially hosting a meeting which also demands shooting. most China mainland state-owned enterprise indeed under influence or control of mafia, which fed by the blood-thirsty&brutal authority since birth of PRC and grew into more and more losing patience with curtain of lies of Commonwealth with the society. i invited baby to dine in KFC&he gladly accepted, even in his mom's complains. there r again dubious persons in the restaurant, baby also restless on his seat, but after all its a good time for us, for the gathering so harmonious, so peculiar. God, summon me for ur task here on the planet, I'm fearless in the mob of evils. killing is not a problem for me, and my revenge is famous for its bitter&acid. lots of bloodshed will mushroom on the scary land, i assert.


a happy weekends.^this weekends full of games play. On Saturday i busy with migrating data between my mobile disk&a extended hard disk on legend home pc. on Sunday i rebuilt a clean os from backup with new patched&updates, then backup again, till baby&his mom dined out with her sister-in-law's family and returned. baby quite enjoyed our gaming time, laugh&scream a lot. the sunshine in the 2 days extra bright, baby's mom, emakingir, even complained stingy. in Saturday night, we three join a party hosted by baby's music lesson's school, xiaoyin music school (http://www.xwyy.com), which is a franchise network all the China mainland. but the party hardly to be interesting. on Sunday night, i sang again in dorm after settled the day creatively, for solitude&absence of my girls. today is Monday, the sunshine still brilliant, so hopeful in my life devotion. i pray God saves my works online, bring closer my new life in new marriage.


got up earlier. started to blog after made water. in office claimed more short url for family sites with x.co. its bright&a student drum team performing outside for teacher's day. so nice. read the morning blog: http://www.douban.com/note/90089994/ 
enjoy short url with x.co. dreamed of Japanese.^continued to refine family main blogger blogs, added statistics sidebar, check latest refinement on them. refined chrome settings. read&d/l. claimed family account with x.co, a new shortening url service from godaddy.com, devised some custom url for family sites. baby's mom visited with her school here the meeting hall of QRRS, brought me ¥100&borrowed my ball pen. sorted portable in the end of work time. bought 2 new ball pen, including a green ink pen after 7pm. sang in dorm for God&solitude till neighbors visited. rest all night without any engagement. lately tried calling sally, found her ditched her old mobile numbers we used when i was in my hometown back to May, 2010. in dawn dreamed of visiting Japan. the hosting family has a son&a daughter. they treated me very well. on a small hill near their house, they likely discussing dividing it. i love the family. there appears more relatives, and likely they shared or abiding my passed dad's rule. i decided to inherit dad's arrangement&act accordingly. woke up by urination before 6am. its a golden morning outside.


dreamed of Ramadan.^last afternoon busy refining all family blogger blogs with new template&google buzz sidebars&footer till 7pm left office. dined out by debt. in dorm restored os on notebook. talked about kid brother's strange response, which suggests over exhausting or weak stance upon bait or conspire, in the morning with baby's mom, emakingir. in dawn dreamed of Ramadan in village. i asked for food of Ramadan from an Imam, cheating or not. its a bright morning again. God, saves my work&merging reality of my Royal of China. saves my new family with my beloved girls. 

From grows Son
From grows Son

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010